Happy Howloween!

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It’s a frightfully good Friday! Halloween is almost upon us and both of us have our costumes ready! Is your family ready? Do you have your pumpkins, decorations and candy ready? We love this holiday! This week, Fifi will be sharing some fun facts about black cats in Black Cats are the Best and Fred will sharing his in Howloween Safety Tips. We are sharing a great event at Java Cats Café. Finally we are meeting one super cute black cat client!


Cat Corner:

Black Cats are the Best

Black cats have had a reputation for hundreds of years. They are thought to have been the companions of witches and the devil, but we all know that black cats are the best! I’m going to share some fun facts about them!

  • The Irish and the Scottish consider black cats to be lucky!
  • They have shiny coats.
  • Japanese people also think black cats are lucky.
  • Black is one of three pure colors (all one color) a cat can be.
  • They often have bright yellow or green eyes.
  • They go with all your furniture- hehehe.
  • Black cats are often to last to be adopted to in shelters. Such a shame, because they sure are the coolest!


Dog Days:

Howloween Safety Tips

We do love Halloween, but we want you and your pets to be safe too! Here are some great tips to have a fabulous time on Tuesday.

  • Keep all candy out of the reach of your pooch.
  • Make sure the decorations are not frightening or dangerous. Fake spider webs especially can be harmful to pets and wild birds.
  • Cats love to be nosey, make sure they are kept away from things like burning candles.
  • If you have trick or treaters coming to your door, make sure your pets are kept in another room to avoid any escapes or encounters with costumes that may scare them.
  • If your pet is going along with you, make sure you have their ID tags on and that they are ok with all the shenanigans.
  • Moldy pumpkins and dried corn can cause tummy troubles. Make sure your pet can not eat these.
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