Animal Anatomy

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It’s the Friday after Halloween and we are watching the leaves change color and the humans are getting ready for the holidays. That means all kinds of excitement for the cats and dogs around the house. This week, we wanted to go with a little humor and Fifi and I wanted share the parts of a dog and a cat. Fifi will be sharing her Anatomy of a Cat with you and Fred will share Anatomy of a Dog. We have a great event where you can enjoy cocktails! And we are meeting a great client- Scout the dog. So while you’re taking a break from taking down those Halloween decorations, read up on this week’s blog.

 Cat Anatomy!

Here’s a little introduction to the working parts of your cat! Learn them, respect them!


Dog Anatomy!

Time to learn more about how your dog works. I made this handy chart to educate you! Enjoy!



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