Christmas Gifts for Pets

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Our Favorite Things

It’s holiday time! Yay! This week we are going to share ideas for Christmas gifts for pets. We are so excited for SantaPaws to come in a few weeks and fill our stockings. We hope all our furry friends have been nice and not naughty.  First up in Cat corner- Fifi will share the must haves of each cat this season in Purrfect Finds. Fred will share his favorites in Doggy Goods. Our donation drive for the Atlanta Humane Society kicked off this week. We filled up a truck load last year! Let’s do it again this year. Lastly, we are meeting one of our newest clients- an adorable puppy named Ranger! We are so excited for everyone to join us this holiday season!

Purrfect Finds!

We cats don’t lay around all day and do nothing. We need fun things to do too- well besides unrolling the toilet paper. This year I am going to share some of my favorite Christmas gifts for you to get your feline friends!

  1. Greenie treats- they are crunchy and tasty and help our teeth.
  2. Sisal scratching mat- these flat small rug sized scratching mats are perfect for keeping claws healthy. It is also saves your rugs and furniture.
  3. Trixie Cat Toy- this puzzle toy is good for keeping your cat busy as they try to get treats out.
  4. Boxes- yes the old standby is one of my favorites. If you get big ones- cut out window or holes to add extra fun for your cat.
  5. Nip- my personal favorite is Kong brand. It seems to be extra strong and wonderful. There is nothing better than nip.

Doggy Goods

Oh dog, it is my favorite time of year! I am one lucky dog, as I have so many toys and comfy spots to sleep! Today I am going to share my favorite gifts that your pup will hopefully love for Christmas too!

  1. Greenie treats- these tasty treats help keep my breath fresh and my teeth clean. I also love those soft Buddy Biscuits for little treats. Those come in several tasty flavors.
  2. My EasyWalk harness-it is comfy and helps me walk without pulling my human. It comes in all sizes and fun colors too. One must look nice when out in public.
  3. Atomic treat ball- this puzzle ball dispenses treats as you roll it around. It makes getting the treats a game and keeps me busy.
  4. Kong cones- the original keep busy toy. I love my stuffed with crunchy treats.
  5. Nyla bones- these help keep my teeth clean and they are great for dogs who are chewers.

Of course, one of the greatest Christmas gifts for your pets is a professional dog walker and/or pet sitter.

Leashes & Litterboxes is just a phone call away and our services would make any pet happy at Christmas time!

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