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We’re so excited for the first Friday of the New Year! A new year means it is time for our annual resolutions and we can guarantee they are great this year! They’re coming right up in Fifi’s New Year Resolutions and Fred’s New Year’s Resolutions. We also have a great event- you go out to eat and help raise money for rescued animals- simple and fun! Then finally we’re meeting a happy girl in our client spotlight of the week! Are you ready for the first fabulous Friday of 2017? Let’s get this party started!

 IMG_0808Fifi’s New Year’s Resolutions

After a long nap, I decided to write out my resolutions for 2017. Here they are:

  • I will make sure all clean laundry is re-furred before it is returned to the closet.
  • I will only barf up fur balls on carpet and rugs.
  • I will only unroll the toilet paper once a week.
  • I will only get on the kitchen counters when the humans are not home.
  • I will sit on the humans lap while they are trying to work on their laptops.
  • I will let the dog have his bed once a day.
  • I will not steal any food off the table while you are sitting there.
  • I will only nap 18 hours a day.

Whew- I think these are enough goals for the year. These will be tough to keep up, but I am going to do my best. 2017 will be the year of Fifi!

IMG_0807Fred’s New Year’s Resolutions

Oh man, that Fifi has some good goals- I think. At least she is letting me use my bed sometimes. I came up with my resolutions that will include my human! This is

  • I will go on more walks with my human.
  • We will go by Starbucks for puppuccinos at least once a week.
  • I will share the couch with my human- give them at least ½.
  • I will bring the paper in each morning.
  • I will let the cat sleep on my bed.
  • I will not steal food- when anyone is looking.
  • I will wipe my paws when they are muddy.
  • I will take more car rides and enjoy the wind in my face!
  • I will share love with all I meet.

Man oh man! 2017 is so full of great goals. Now if I can just the human on board with most of these- will be great! What are your resolutions this year?

 Get the New Year started off right and contact Leashes & Litterboxes for your pet care needs!!!

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