Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Aaaaaaah February, the month of love! We are ready for Valentine’s Day here at Fred and Fifi. You know who the best Valentine is? Your cat and/or dog of course! Fifi has some fantastic print at home Valentines for you in Cat Corner this week! Fred is talking about dog ears this week in The Ears Have It! We have a special “event” this week- we’re sharing a very special program for veterans who are looking to adopt a pet! Finally, we’re meeting a sweet client this week! Let’s get started!


 Fifi & Fred Valentines

Here they are- the second annual Fifi & Fred print at home Valentines! All you have to do is save them to your computer, print them and give them to your best Valentine! It’s as easy as that! Happy Valentine’s Day!


IMG_0807The Ears Have It

We hope you follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts! If you do, you’ve seen some great pics of dogs with exceptionally amazing ears! Dog ears are really amazing appendages! We don’t use our ears to listen, we use them to communicate our emotions too. I have some more great facts about dog ears!

  • Our ears move independently of each other.
  • We have around 18 muscles in our ears. This allows us to move them in many directions.
  • Our ears are so sensitive that we can hear termite vibrations in the wall.
  • While I can hear high frequency vibrations, Fifi still has better hearing then me!
  • If our ears are up and facing forward, that means you have our full attention.
  • If our ears are laid back and flat it means we are frighten or stressed.
  • There are about 12 different shapes of dog ears.
  • Puppies are born deaf. It takes a few weeks for their ear canals to open.

Who knew that dog ears were so interesting? So now not only can you admire how cute your dog’s ears are- you can remark about how cool they are!

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