Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pets

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The hustle and bustle of Christmas is on its way! We are getting our lists for Santapaws ready and we hope all our four legged friends are on his nice list! This week, we’re sharing some great tips on how to keep your pets safe this holiday! Fifi is sharing a comic with you- How Your Cat Sees the Christmas Tree. Fred is talking about holiday safety tips for your pets in Holiday Safety Tips. We don’t have an event this week, but we are announcing our holiday donation drive for the Atlanta Humane Society, so make sure you check it out! Finally we’re meeting another great client- Jackson! So let’s get the month of December started off with a bang!

 IMG_0808How Your Cat Sees the Christmas Tree

Ever wonder how your cat sees the world? Well, this helpful comic should give you some insight on how your cat thinks. The Christmas tree is a thing of wonder to us and it is covered in so many tempting items! Enjoy, learn and share this with all the cat servants you know!

IMG_0807Holiday Safety Tips

It’s that time of year when you decorate the house in baubles and bright things. It’s also the time of year for your pet to get in to trouble with some of those items. I’m sharing some tips to keep your furry family members safe and to make sure everyone enjoys the decorations, food and festivities.

  • Make sure your tree is stable. This will help if curious pets decide to investigate.
  • Keep breakable ornaments away from the bottom of the tree.
  • Holly, poinsettias and mistletoe are poisonous. Best to use the fake ones.
  • Keep tinsel out of the reach of cats. They often like to nibble it and it can clog up their digestive tracts.
  • Be careful to keep burning candles out of the reach of tails and noses.
  • If holiday gatherings stress your pet, keep them in a separate safe place.
  • Make sure your guests know to watch their entry and exits to keep your pets in the house.
  • During fireworks, make sure your nervous pet is in a safe spot. Provide them with comforting items if they are alone.
  • Keep food items that pets should not have out of reach, including turkey bones, alcohol and chocolate.

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