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Friday’s with Fred and Fifi

Dog Friendly, Black Cats

Happy Friday everyone! Are you ready for the weekend? We sure are! It’s time for football and parties and having friends over! Having friends over means a busy house too. People coming in and out can lead to opportunities for our pets to get away though. This week we are going to talk about what to do if your pet is lost. Fifi will talk about lost cats in Wear Your Orange and Fred will talk about dogs in Finding Fred. We have a fun event over in Piedmont Park to share with you. And we are meeting one cute dog in our client spotlight!

Cat Corner:

Wear Your Orange

Did you know that only 5% of lost cats are recovered? That is a sad statistic. Dogs were ID tags so they are easily identified. Also, when people see a dog running the streets- they assume it is lost. If people see a cat, they assume it lives outside. Cats are also excellent at hiding once they get outside. The popular cartoonist- The Oatmeal has a great plan for your indoor kitty! He wants your cat to wear orange! Orange is a great warning color for your cat! It alerts people to the fact that your cat does not belong outside. It’s a great plan! Let’s help get more escaped kitties home. Learn more about convict kitties from The Oatmeal, check out his website.

Dog Days:

Finding Fred

Fifi’s wear your orange campaign is awesome. I may need an orange color too. If that doesn’t work, then hopefully my tips for finding your pooch will.

  • Contact your local animal shelters and animal control when you find that your dog is missing.
  • Search your neighborhood. Dogs will often not go too far in the first few hours.
  • Post fliers and hand them out to neighbors. Make sure to add a picture of your dog and any important details.
  • Post lost dog notices on social media. Post on neighborhood Facebook pages, next door and lost pet pages.
  • Make sure your dog has on a collar with ID. This ID can be crucial in finding a pet that is loose.
  • Don’t give up your search.


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