Pet Dental Health Month

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We’re marching through winter just waiting for spring, but that doesn’t mean we’re not having any fun. This week we’re getting prepared for pet dental health month and that means we are talking about cat teeth in Cat Chompers and dog teeth in Smiling Dogs.  We have a super fun event for you- a cask ale tasting- that will benefit the Atlanta Humane Society. Finally we’ll meet a great client in client spotlight. Now curl up with a cup of tea by the fire and let’s learn more about your pet’s teeth.

Cat Chompers  IMG_0808

We cats are known for our famous pointy teeth. It’s important to keep our pearly whites clean and healthy. Getting a good yearly vet check and teeth cleaning is a good start. Crunchy treats like Greenies also help keep our teeth healthy. While keeping our teeth healthy is important, it’s just as important to learn some fun teeth facts!

  • Cats have two sets of teeth- 26 baby and 30 adult teeth!
  • We have four incisors, two on top and two on bottom.
  • We use our incisors to grab prey or food or to take the occasional chomp out of your arm.
  • We have a few molars because we are carnivores. We have no need to chew.
  • Many of our teeth have serrations on them, just like a knife!
  • We use our front teeth mainly for grooming. We must look nice you know.

Smiling Dogs IMG_0807

Oh dog, better watch out for Fifi’s sharp teeth. We dogs also have neat teeth, some of us use them to smile at people- a learned behavior. Usually if a dog bares his teeth it is a warning sign, so best keep your distance. But usually we just use our teeth for what they were meant to be used for- eating! Come learn some fun facts about your dog’s teeth!

  • Puppies have 28 teeth and adult dogs have 42 permanent teeth.
  • We like cats have four canine teeth- two on top and two on bottom.
  • We have 10 molars to help break down biscuits or bones.
  • Dogs chew more than cats.
  • Biscuits and hard kibble help keep tarter off our teeth.
  • The health of our teeth can be linked to heart disease. It’s important to keep our chompers clean.
  • We use our front teeth to help groom ourselves too. They are also good for chewing on an itch. Hehehe
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