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TGIF! We are ready for another great weekend and we’re going to kick it off with this week’s blog! As the summer rolls closer, we’re gearing up to get in shape for the warmer months and both of us will be talking about how to keep your pets in good shape! Fifi will start us off in Ain’t No Fat Cats Here and Fred will follow up with Dog Fitness! We have a great event to benefit one of the best cat shelters in the Atlanta area- Great Mews. And finally we are meeting one cutie client!

 IMG_0808Ain’t No Fat Cats Here!

Oh cat, I cannot stand it when I hear the phrase, fat cat! Ok, some of us felines might be a little round in the middle and we might be labeled as lazy, but we don’t go around calling you fat humans do we?

Well I have a plan for you humans to keep your cat in shape!

  • Read the food labels on your pet’s food and feed the recommended amount. Often we are overfed, which we like, but it is not good for us.
  • Giving your cat wet food as their primary food can help keep our weight down. It is full of protein and water!
  • We cats need exercise! No, I do not mean going on a walk. But we do like chasing strings, feathers on sticks or laser pointers.
  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but make sure we don’t get too many treats. Ugh!
  • Make sure we have toys to play with on our own too! Catnip, balls of foil or other toys will keep your kitty active when you aren’t around.

Ok, there I said it! Now it’s time to get those felines slim and trim for summer! Woohoo!


Dog Fitness!

Has anyone else gained a few pounds over the winter? It happens as you may be less active and you eat things off your human’s plate when they aren’t looking! Hehehe! Well it’s time for this dog to get in shape! I’m going to give you some dog fitness tips!

  • Get moving! Your dog needs daily walks, usually more than one a day!
  • If you can’t get a walk in, get to playing. Fetch is one of my favorite games and I will play til I fall over.
  • Schedule play dates with dog friends. There is nothing better than running around with friends.
  • Like Fifi, I can’t believe I’m say this- watch the treat intake. Ugh! Or you can try low calorie treats like raw green beans or carrots!
  • Make sure you aren’t over feeding your pooch. Read those serving suggestions for your dog’s size.
  • Keep those table scraps away. Fattening people food can plump up a dog quickly.
  • Lastly, check with your vet for any other weight watching tips!

Keeping your pets at a healthy weight can be hard, but it helps lengthen their lives and can keep arthritis, diabetes and other weight related diseases at bay! Yay!

Give Leashes & Litterboxes a call to set up a walk and get Fido fit!!!

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