Ready For Spring!

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It’s a good time to bundle up, have a cup of tea and read up on our latest blog! We were all ready for spring until old man winter reared its ugly head this past  week. While we are dreaming of spring, Fifi is talking about flowers this week in Cats & Flowers Don’t Mix. Fred is sharing a new poem about one of his most favorite things in Trash! Do you do yoga? Get to know a new yoga studio in town and meet some adoptable puppies in our event this week!


 Cats & Flowers Don’t Mix

I sure hope everyone received flowers from their Valentine, because I love to nibble on flowers! Roses are usually safe, but there are many flowers that your cat should not nibble on, as they will make them sick! I’m going to share some of the flowers you should keep out of the reach of your pets!

  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Lilies
  • Peace lilies
  • African violets
  • Bird of Paradise Flower
  • Gerber Daisies
  • Petunias

So if your sweetie gives you these, make sure they are in a place where your cat can get to them. You could always ask your sweetie for a pot of cat grass next time too!



Just like Oscar the Grouch, I love trash! I have written a poem for you about my love of trash!


Oh I love trash- in a can short or tall

It is so tasty, to us dogs one and all.

Oh I love trash- when it’s fresh or when it’s old.

I can look pass all of the stench and the mold.

Oh I love trash, all the bites and the vittles

From the top, to the bottom and even the middle.

Oh I love trash, and I love to dump it all about.

I spread it around so it can air out.

Oh I love trash, the more the better.

I love to rip and tear the papers and letters.

Oh I love trash, it’s so tasty and yummy.

I love it even if it tears up my tummy.

Oh I love trash, in all of its stinky glory.

I love to dig it out of the garbage can quarry.

Oh I love trash, I eat it with not one ounce of guilt.

I love to the parts on the floor that have spilt.

Oh I love trash, to nom and to nibble.

It’s so much better than all of my kibble.

Oh I love trash, even though it gets me in trouble.

I grab it quick and I’m off in a double.

Oh I love trash, even when you are mad.

I keep eating it because I’m such a cad.

Oh I love trash, almost as much as you,

Although, this dog proof can is making me blue.


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