Springtime Dog Allergies

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Hello and happy spring! We are enjoying the warmer weather! We may not be enjoying the sneezing and goopy eyes that go with it though! Fred is going to give you some tips on how to ease dog allergies in One Itchy Dog! Fifi is going to share with you a new local business that she hopes everyone will frequent in Atlanta’s New Cat Café! We have a fun adoption event for you and then as usual, we’re meeting a great client in the Client Spotlight! Let’s get this fabulous Friday off to a great start!

IMG_0808 Atlanta’s New Cat Cafe

Well I heard about the most amazing coffee shop ever today! Atlanta has its first Cat Café! This idea grew in popularity in places like Japan, where people’s homes are too small to keep a pet, so they go by the local cat café to get their cat fix. We all know that petting a cat can lower your blood pressure and I won’t even get started how fantastic purring is for humans! Anyways, Atlanta now has Java Cats! This fabulous spot houses around a dozen adoptable rescue cats from Paws Atlanta! The cat side of the joint requires you to make a reservation, as they don’t want too many people in there at once- which is a great idea. We cats like to pick our humans. On top of helping rescue cats, the food at Java Cats is provided by The Gathering Place, a group that helps homeless people gain culinary skills and get them working! Woohoo! This just doesn’t get better!

Java Cats is located in Grant Park, just down the road from Zoo Atlanta! They are open 7 days a week, but remember you must make a reservation to meet the cats! I’m making my human a reservation this week! We give this idea two paws up


One Itchy Dog

Well it’s that time of the year again when the city turns yellow and the humans and dogs start sneezing! Yuck! We dogs are affected by allergies too! We have goop in our eyes, runny noses and itchy skin! I’m going to give you some tips on helping your canine companion with all of this pollen!

  1. Wipe down or hose off your dog after they have been outside. This will help them and you by keeping the pollen outside and not on your carpet or floors.
  2. Make sure you get those paws extra clean!
  3. Give your dog a regular bath with hypoallergenic shampoo.
  4. Check your dog’s ears, sometimes allergies can lead to itchy ears.
  5. Vacuum areas of the house and wash bedding often to keep those allergens in check.
  6. Things like salmon oil can help with itchy skin.

If your dog’s symptoms worsen, talk to your vet. They can provide you with great information and help to keep that itchy skin healthy! Now could someone get me a Kleenex?

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