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It’s the first Friday of fall. All the kids are back in school, the weather is cooling down and hurricane season is in full gear! As we here in Atlanta watch Irma and her path, we are worried for all of those in the path. That path includes us here in Atlanta. While we will not get the brunt of it, we will experience high winds, bad storms and some flooding. This week Fred is going to talk about how to prepare your pets for storms in Safety First and Fifi is going to spotlight how to help the pets that have already been affected by Harvey and now Irma in Cat Evac Help! Finally we have a great event next weekend- Barks and Brews and we are meeting one squishy dog in the Client Spotlight.

Cat Evac Help

Well, we have a situation everyone- hurricane season is here. Harvey has already flooded much of Houston and now Irma is coming for Florida. As residents begin to get back on their feet, many rescues from all over the country have come to help animals in need. Our very own Atlanta Humane Society took in over 100 animals from Texas to make room for pets who need shelter while their humans get help. They are ready to do the same in Florida. Best Friends Animal Society which runs a shelter here in Atlanta has also taken in animals from the Texas. They are also running a large rescue and reunite center in Houston. So let’s give a big paws up for all the volunteers and staff who are helping cat evacuees and their dog, bunny and guinea pigs pals too! It would be great if we could donate to one or both of them to help them with their efforts!

Safety First

As it looks like Atlanta is in for some intense weather, I am going to share some tips for you about keeping your pet safe in a storm.

  • Make a plan. Know your evacuation route.
  • Keep all carriers in an easily accessible place. If you know storms are coming, it is good to keep cat carriers out and open for a few days so your cat is not afraid of it. Make sure you have copies of your pet’s information and vaccination in the bag too.
  • Make sure you have a travel bag with your pet’s food, dishes, treats and any medications they need.
  • If you need to go to a bathroom or basement, make sure your pets are secure. Make sure your dog has on their collar with I.D. and you have their leash. Keep your cats in their carriers while you are sheltering. This will reduce any chance of them running away.
  • If your pet has bad storm anxiety, talk to your vet about medications that might ease their anxiety.
  • Make sure your phone is charged and have a portable battery to keep it charged in case you lose power and need to call emergency services.

We are thinking about this big storm and its path. Please keep those in Florida in your thoughts.

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