Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

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Friday’s with Fred and Fifi

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Happy Thanksgiving Week.  We know you will be most thankful for our Thanksgiving safety tips for your pets!!! It’s almost time for all that food, family and fun! We pets can hardly wait for the giant turkey dinner. This week Fifi talked to a turkey and learned the foods that are good for you to share small bits to your pets and the ones that are not so good in Turkey Approved. Fred found Fifi’s diary and he is sharing it with everyone in Fifi’s Diary- Thanksgiving. It’s a quiet week in Atlanta- so there’s no event, but we do have an adorable client to meet in the client spotlight!


Cat Corner:

Turkey Approved

I met with a local food inspection turkey and he gave me these tips for foods that are safe for your pets and ones that are not! He did keep asking why I was kept licking my lips as we talked. Not sure what he was talking about.

Dog Days:

Fifi’s Diary- Thanksgiving

Oh dog, I found Fifi’s diary. I know I shouldn’t be reading it, but I just couldn’t help myself. Last year’s entries during Thanksgiving week are pretty good and I’m sure she won’t mind if I share!


Dear Diary,

The human brought in a big fat turkey for Thanksgiving. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It must have weighed 30 lbs. I hopped on the counter to inspect it and the rest of the groceries closer, but the human shooed me out of the kitchen. What’s up with that? I was just trying to help! They never appreciate me. It is so unfair.

Dear Diary,
I was just hanging around the kitchen this evening when human got the turkey out to put it in a pot of water. Weird. While she had her backed turned a stuck my head in the pot. Oh man did she get mad at me! She said raw turkey was not good for a cat! Pffft! What does she know? My ancestors have been eating raw meat for thousands of years. Of course she kicked me out of the kitchen again. She is just the worst! All I get is that dry crap. A cat needs a fresh meal. I may need to find new living arrangements.


Dear Diary,
Thanksgiving day is here and I woke up at 5am waiting for that bird. When the human finally got out of the bed, she took forever to get in the kitchen. I meowed & meowed and poked her with my paw- still slow as molasses. She put that delicious looking turkey in a pan and stuffed it with veggies- yuck. I stood close by as she put it in the oven. She was nice enough to let me stay in the kitchen while it roasted. I lounged on a bar chair while she cooked away. Any time she went to the oven, I made sure to go with her in case she needed my help. That kitchen smelled good! I kept dosing off while it cooked and every time I dreamed of sitting at the table with a large plate of sliced turkey in front of me. It was lovely. In the afternoon the turkey was done. It was shiny, golden and steaming hot! I jumped up on the counter a few times to try and take nip only to be put on the floor. I was just trying to taste it so she didn’t embarrass herself with the guests. No one likes a dry turkey. But nooooo- she did not appreciate my offer to help. People began to show up. My desire to eat that yummy bird overcame my hatred of weirdos. So I waited. I waited forever or what seemed like forever.
And then the glorious moment came, my patience paid off. As the humans were sitting down at the table, human gave me a plate of turkey. And even though it was a small plate, I ate til my belly was fat. I went to my favorite spot on the bed afterwards and napped for several hours! It was a glorious day! Looking forward to the leftovers! Now if I could only get the dog to open the fridge for me!

Click here for more information on safety tips for your pets.

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means Christmas is just around the corner!  Don’t forget your four-legged friends when planning your holiday travel.  Click here to contact Leashes & Litterboxes to reserve your spot!!!




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