July 4th Pet Safety and History

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It’s almost July 4th and we are so excited! This is Fifi’s favorite time of year. She is a very patriotic cat. This year she is introducing you to some of America’s Great Cats in History. Fred will be sharing with you some great safety tips for this holiday that can be scary for many pets in July 4th Pet Safety. We have a great post-holiday event for you – K9s and Cocktails. Finally we are meeting a client whose breed nickname is the American Gentlemen! Let’s get a great holiday Friday started!

 America’s Great Cats in History

Every year around July 4th, I begin to feel very patriotic and this year is no different. I went back to the library and found some great cats in American history that you may not know about!

Let’s celebrate their contribution to our great country!

 Cat Lindbergh was a little known feline to make the first flight across 

Eliza Ross, Betsy Ross’ cat was instrumental in helping her sew the first flag!

 It is a great secret that a cat encouraged the patriots to dump tea into the Boston Harbor.

Sam A Cat was that cat!

July 4th Pet Safety

As you get ready for the holiday, we here at Fred & Fifi want to send out our annual July 4th safety message. This is the time of year where many pets go missing due to all of the commotion and fireworks. We want to help you prevent this!

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