Here Comes Santapaws

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It’s just over a week until Santapaws arrives and we couldn’t be more excited! This week Fifi is discussing what presents your cat will love the most in What to Get the Cat. Fred is sharing some fun facts about Santapaws and he’s writing him a letter in Dear Santapaws. We’re meeting a new client in the client spotlight and he’s a cutie and finally we’re still having our donation drive for the Atlanta Humane Society! Let’s show them how generous our Leashes & Litterboxes family really is! Happy Holidays from all of us!


IMG_0808 What to Get the Cat

I know- I know, the cat is probably the hardest person on your list to think of gifts to give. You could get us expensive treats, or fancy nip or a brand new bed. Or you can get us a cat climbing tree or a new scratcher or cute new food bowls. But you know what your cat really wants? Come on- you know… They really want the box that all that stuff came in! Hahahaha!




IMG_0807Dear Santapaws

I sure do love good old Santapaws, the dog who brings good little cats & dogs presents on Christmas day. Did you know that he’s a St Bernard? His sleigh is led by 8 huskies- Mazy, Molly, Cali, Coco, Boomer, Buster, Petey and Paxton. He flies through the night on Christmas Eve and drops off treats, toys, beds and other goodies. This year I decided to write him a letter asking for something special.



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