Moving? Tips for your dogs and cats!

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Happy Friday! We don’t about you guys, but we are ready for fall here in the hot hot south! We are ready to move to the Canada! Hahaha! Well ok maybe not, but we are talking about moving. This week we are giving you tips on helping your pet if you move. Fifi is giving advice for keeping your cat calm in Cat on the Move. Fred is giving tips for your pooch in Dog Gone It- We’re Moving. We are getting you ready for a fabulous fundraiser coming up this fall in our events section. And last but not least, we are meeting one cute addition in the client spotlight!

Cat on the Move

So your human has decided to move and that means you are going to have to pack up your cat tower and nip stash and discover all the hiding places in a brand new place. Moving can be extra stressful for your cat. We cats don’t go in the car, unless it is to the vet. We don’t go on adventures to see friends and we often are not so happy about change. So I am giving tips to help you and your cat!

  • Make sure your cat is in a secure room or crate before the moving van arrives. All of the upheaval can cause a cat to bolt through an open door.
  • Make your leave cat food in a container that will be available at all times.
  • Leave a favorite blanket or bed with your cat where they are staying until they are moved.
  • If you are moving a long distance and are using hotels with your cat, bring their favorite toys and treats. Inspect your hotel room for before letting your cat out to explore.
  • When you arrive in your new home, let your cat explore one room at a time. Make sure you supervise their adventures and offer praise and treats.
  • Keep your old routine in the new house. If your pet is anxious, you may even keep them in a small area while you are not home.
  • Watch for any changes in your cat, as to make sure they are not to stressed.

Dog Gone It- We’re Moving

Fifi had some great tips for moving with your cats! Now it’s my turn to talk you about moving with your dog. While we dogs are used to car rides or going to the park, there are many of us who are not so confident. Moving can be hard on your K-9 too. So here are my tips to help Fido J.

  • Make sure to get your pet’s records from the vet. Your new one will need that when it comes time to visit them.
  • Considered taking your dog to a kennel or a friend’s during the move. This will reduce the chances of them escaping and provide them with a positive day.
  • If your dog is home during the move, make sure they are secure in a crate or a room.
  • Take your dog (and cat) to the new home in your car. They will feel safer with you.
  • Make sure as much as possible is set up in the new home before you bring your pet inside.
  • Update your dog’s tags and microchip information with the new address within a few days of moving.
  • Keep your dog’s favorite toy and bed available in the car and new home.
  • Show them their new area in the home as soon as they arrive. Make sure they know where their food and water are.
  • Finally, give your pets tons of love and assurance that is all ok.

If you need dog walks or cat sitting while you are boxing up!  Give Leashes & Litterboxes a call! We will come to the rescue!!!

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