Pucker Up Pooches!

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Want fresh breath this Valentine’s Day?  Check out these tips!!!

While proper dental care is the best way to fight bad breath in your “pooch”, there are also a few home remedies to try….right in your own kitchen!

  1. Whole grains- A poor digestive system may be the culprit!  So why not spruce up Fido’s diet by adding a little bit of cooked brown rice to his food!
  2. “A carrot a day to keep bad breath away”! – Toss ’em a carrot after each meal.  The crunching will help to wash away the lingering food particles and aide in removing plaque.
  3. “Tea Time” – A little parsley tea works!  Add a few sprigs of parsley to hot water and let it steep.  Remove the sprigs, allow the water to cool and serve it up.  Can also be used as “breath spray”.

*Never use human breath products to fight bad breath odor in your pets.

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